Heidelburg Edit

History Edit

Heidelburg is situated in the province of Averland, in the heavily wooded areas near the Grey Mountains. It was once a simple farming town that was used as a resting stop for those headed to Nuln from Black Fire Pass. Heidelburg had no formal government but instead most problems were solved by the local garrison that patrolled the small villages around Nuln. Fortunately, this was almost never needed as the small agricultural town was peaceful and with abundant resources for those who worked the land, camaraderie was common.

Beastmen were a constant check on the peaceful nature of Heidelburg, as Beastmen roam all forests of the world. The garrison of Nuln made sure that the lands were protected, but the sighting of a lone Beastmen was not unheard of. This problem would be solved by a messenger running to Nuln and a dispatch would take care of the monster.

Tamurkhan and the Battle of Nuln Edit

With the upheaval caused by Tamurkhan, Heidelburg turned into a fortified town with palisades erected around the town and the walls under constant watch by Imperial Soldiers. Several demons would slip away from the main host and find the village and attack it, but no real damage was caused to the town itself. It was during this time that refugees would flock to the town as it had walls and seemed protected from the monstrosities outside.

One such refugee was a teenage girl named Greta. By herself in a lone town, she was given amnesty and offered free shelter in the local stables as well as food if she worked the inn. Along with her arrival the local well of the town was found to be cursed. Vicar Peter Tsarovich, the local priest, began to investigate and found The Liber Chaotica in her sleeping quarters in the stables. She was then condemned to the stake as a witch.


The quaint town of Heidelburg and its notorious well.

While being burned, Greta began to scream in a language that none could understand. From the flames and screaming, a rift to the warp was opened up and demons came pouring out and destroyed the town of Heidelburg. Vicar Peter Tsarovich fought before fleeing to the church and waiting in the cellar for help to arrive while Greta began to burn the town down.